Week 09 Progress by Haotian+Xueer

We got some feedback from Joe Saavedra after talking to him on Mar 21. The meeting was about 15 minutes. Here are some notes. Structure The working principle of drones is that propellers push air and then get a counter-acting force. The propellers will make air flow, which can affect the accuracy of air quality sensors. […]

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Cloudrone Brief by Haotian+Xueer

Working Title Cloudrone Keywords air pollution, air quality, PM2.5, notification, measure, sensor, data, server, Arduino Yun, mobility, semi-stationary, cloud, smog, China Description Cloudrone is an accessible semi-stationary device for measuring and monitoring air quality in public. Statically, it serves as a fixed station measuring concentrations of main harmful chemicals that cause urban smog. All the data Cloudrone collects is […]

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