Problems i had making a glove controller

So I as I working on the raspberry pi came across the problem that  usb port on the Arduino uno   can’t be read as  controller, so i read so more and found out  that the  nRF24L01+ this board right here  could communicate with the

crazy flies quadcopter with Arduino no raspberry pi  IMG_0561.

so i got was, there was sketch out for it Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.49.29 AM


i knew nothing about the radio  input, but  when i tried to get test ping and couldn’t get one because still confused on the pin outputs and inputs

Gnd= ground

vcc= power 3.3v

miso= master in  slave out :spi

mosi= master out slave in :spi

skn =?:spi

ce = ?

csn= ?

irq =?


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