Leah Fried, assignment 1

5 unlikey heroes, each from their own unique planet and their own cause to gain, work together to save the galaxy from an evil mastermind! ——- “The FAA has been working for several months to implement the provisions of Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, “Special Rules for Certain Unmanned […]

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No Drones in the 5th Element?

Why are no autonomous drones featured in the 5th Element? There are semi autonomous systems and even auto pilots hinted at in the movie but it  seems that the future portrayed is centered around the human with AI or semi autonomous systems as a support system. It’s a conscious decision to leave out a significant role for […]

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To Design with Empathy by Xueer

Her, A Humane Sci-Fi Movie Her is a love story between a man, Theodore, and an artificial intelligence operating system, Samantha, in the unstated near future. Theodore was getting divorced with his wife. He was lonely and feels empty, even though he kept his soulful and sensitive characteristics at work… until he met(purchased) Samantha. With […]

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Drones in Film & History

Interstellar In the film Interstellar, drones appear as a side-note, a once-strong force reduced to flying directionless through the air waiting for the stray engineer to take control and take apart for batteries. The world has come to dust. Countries ran out of food as crops died to the blight, so drones were forgotten in the frenzy […]

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