Sam, Chris, Yang – Human-centered design (User Considerations)

Objective of the service Objectives of the Project The aim of this project is to develop a service which connects isolated communities in areas with challenging topographies. This particular project focuses on the mountainous mid-western region of Nepal. Our final objective is providing security to isolated, vulnerable communities in terms of regular, readily available supplies […]

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Drone powered super kitty toy

Ideation  To engage both the masters and kitties at the same time To design a play system To train kitties and entertain their owners at the same time To make kitty drones interface more friendly Precedence Concept combine drone with tomoguchi mechanic – users play the app to control the drone to play with kitties, […]

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Hand controller Drone

Goal How might we create a controller for people with limited mobility so that they will be able to fly a drone with hand motions Target Users: People with limited mobility What: We will be creating a controller that utilizes intuitive hand motions so that people with limited mobility will be able to fly a […]

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Week 09 Progress by Haotian+Xueer

We got some feedback from Joe Saavedra after talking to him on Mar 21. The meeting was about 15 minutes. Here are some notes. Structure The working principle of drones is that propellers push air and then get a counter-acting force. The propellers will make air flow, which can affect the accuracy of air quality sensors. […]

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